Toad Hollow Daylily Farm


Events Calendar

Daylily Open Garden 2016

One weekend only:

Friday & Saturday, July 1st - 2nd

11:00 am to 4:00 pm


Garden Visits

Please call one day ahead!

Visits are by appointment only.

Phone: 620-343-8655

Please, no pets!

Garden Courtesies

  • No smoking is allowed at Toad Hollow

  • Please stay on the paths – do not step into the flower beds to get better shots.  It is too easy to damage the plants.

  • Also, do not set photo tripods, lighting, or umbrellas inside the flower beds.

  • Do not ‘deadhead’ the flowers, or trim plants to make them look better.  All such things must be left to the Toad Hollow staff.

  • Do not take pollen samples.

  • Small children and pets are not encouraged, but if they come along please keep close control at all times.

  • Do not pick flowers, even those which have gone by (they might represent a desired cross); also resist the temptation to pull “weeds”.

  • But DO enjoy your visit to Toad Hollow.  

Photography by Dave Leiker
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